5 Tips to Make the Most of a Restaurant Power Outage

Revel Blog | Revel | April 14, 2014 |

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Some restaurants, like Opaque in San Francisco, entertain their diners in the dark. Most, however, prefer to operate with the lights on. If a temporary power outage were to limit your resources for hours, would you be prepared to stay open?

A restaurant power outage can result in tens and thousands of lost revenue dollars. Restaurants that manage to stay open during a limited outage not only keep the revenue stream flowing, but serve as a source of comfort and warmth to affected patrons.

For such a challenge, only the most prepared can keep their kitchens running. With a disaster plan in place, your staff have the tools in hand to stay calm and keep customers happy. Do you have what it takes to power through?

Back-it up. Recent disasters like Hurricane Sandy proved the necessity of having a backup generator. A backup generator can keep your refrigeration, lights, and heating running and can spell the difference between a “Closed” and “Open” sign.

Get in the mood. Mood lighting is always a good idea. A candle on every table sets a relaxed tone while providing essential light. Get creative with candles of varying height and width, and accent them with decorative holders. As you stock up on the candles, don’t forget to test out your battery-powered emergency lights and signage on a regular basis.

Make it a picnic. When the dishwasher is off limits, disposable dishware saves the day. Paper and plastic service can highlight a fun and festive dining experience. Today’s plastic cutlery can even be recycled.

Spice up the menu. A menu apparently hampered by a power outage need only be as limited as the imagination. As you follow food safety procedures for perishables, get creative with your shelf-stable items. Why not make it a tapas-themed night or create an awesome fondue menu? Also, fountain drinks and water sources could be compromised if you don´t have a water filter pitcher, so highlight bottled wines and beverages as a nice pairing for dishes.

Keep your POS running. During a power outage, it’s not uncommon for registers and computers to go out. Revel’s Always On Mode makes it the only system that delivers zero loss in functionality when the internet is down. Revel’s hybrid architecture runs on the cloud and the local network, meaning your data will always be accurately stored and your credit card terminal running.