Digital Menu Board 101

You’ve finally decided to check out that new little sandwich place down the street for a quick lunch. You walk in and start perusing the hand-written felt pen menu board and almost immediately you’ve got a few questions. The food looks great but you can’t tell if the BLT is $4.99 or $9.99; and what exactly is a “Turley Sandal?” Could they mean “Turkey Sandwich?” It looks like the menu board was written very quickly, and there are smudges and wipe marks making it very difficult to make a good lunch choice. The hand written signs on the counter pitching the specials aren’t much help either; is that chicken soup, or chick pea soup?

If you own a restaurant, sandwich shop, or yogurt stand, you already have plenty of work to do. Hand writing menus and daily special placards is just one more task in your increasingly busy workday. Why not let Revel Systems save you time and money with a Digital Menu Board solution? A recent story on QSR outlines the many advantages of incorporating a Digital Menu Board into your current business model. The story mentions the ability to target specific demographics and how easy it is to change items and prices based on time of day or special promotional periods.

A Digital Menu Board solves the problems of handwritten signage and assures you of always presenting up to date pricing like differences from your lunch to dinner menus. And, if you’re out of the special, you can remove it from the board so you’ll never have to say, “Sorry, we’re fresh out of that.” It’s not just pricing that makes a Digital Menu Board a necessity. You can also display pictures of food items or messages targeted specifically to your customers with the incredible slideshow capability. Revel’s Digital Menu Board syncs flawlessly with your POS system, meaning changes will immediately go into effect.

The Digital Menu Board is operated from Revel’s cloud-based Management Console. Changes made on the backend will be pushed to all menu boards in all locations, giving owners a simple and stress-fee of making changes to their menu. The easy to navigate Management Console is web-based, allowing owners to change menu items, prices, and photos from one easy portal.

Revel’s Digital Menu Board works in conjunction with Samsung Smart TVs, available in screen sizes ranging from 46 to 65 inches. Your TV monitor is connected to the cloud and controlled from a web browser so there’s no need for additional hardware when integrating your POS system. The system comes with Digital Signage Software that fully integrates the entire order process. You’ll have full control and oversight of everything from the pricing on the menu to kitchen displays for food prep. The customer alert screen (also a Samsung Smart TV) lets your customers know when their order is ready further streamlining the service process.

A Revel Digital Message Board can improve productivity, reduce pricing and ordering errors and help your staff operate at more efficient and productive levels. Who knows, you may even have time to enjoy one of your own delicious “Turley Sandals” in your new-found spare time.