Top 4 Tech Resolutions for 2014

2013 is drawing to a close, leading many to reflect on the year and contemplate the changes they would like to make. While for some this may include resolutions such as a healthier diet or more frequent trips to the gym, there are also tech resolutions to consider. What changes or resolutions in your use of technology are you contemplating?

Here is a list of possible tech resolutions:

  1. Increase productivity:  For some procrastinators, the simple to-do list doesn’t cut it anymore. Amp up your game by using productivity apps to keep you on track of your obligations, which include push notifications and guilt trips when to-do items don’t get completed in a regular, timely fashion.
  2. Gamify your workout:  As noted above, many consider hitting the gym to be a viable New Year’s resolution. Take your workout to the next level by using an app to track your progress. Whether running or weight lifting is your thing, there’s an app out there quantifying, qualifying, and gamifying your workout experience. This not only makes hitting the gym more fun, but helps motivate you to hit your goals.
  3. Streamline travel:  Nowadays, traveling is easier than ever with mobile apps for viewing flight status, checking into your flight, and using mobile boarding passes. This not only increases efficiency—and therefore reducing stress—on your day of travel, but mobile boarding passes also save paper.
  4. Get out of the (back) office:  If you own a retail or restaurant business, you’ll find that today’s point of sale tools allow more freedom from the back office. Instead of having to come into work to check reports, or take stock of inventory, you’re able to check all business information on the fly, from your mobile phone or home computer. This increased freedom from the back office will allow you to address what really matters:  running our business.

We hope these tech resolutions served as inspiration. Harness the technology at your disposal to make sure 2014 is your best year yet. Next year is going to be big for Revel Systems as well—in addition to make your own New Year’s tech resolutions, check out Revel’s predictions for 2014.