The Holiday Season and Last Minute Gifts

Revel Blog | Revel | December 23, 2013 |

iPad POS Industry Insights

Christmas is literally right around the corner, and for many shoppers has arrived sooner than usual. There were fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, meaning many shoppers will be scrambling to get their gifts. This of course also presents a busy holiday season for retailers. There are several key strategies that can assure the best possible outcomes as the holiday clock is ticking, and Revel’s iPad POS can help with all of them.

According to a report on Hortonworks that quotes a McCann survey, the average American plans on spending $667 on gifts this year with toys, clothes and tech gear making up the lion’s share of those purchases. The survey also reported that while many customers would be shopping online, a majority of them would be spending time (and money) in retail stores for holiday shopping. This is especially true with women. The retailers who will enjoy the greatest holiday selling season results will need to plan ahead and hone in on situations unique to this time of the year.

A recent article on the Intuit blog outlines several ways retailers can achieve holiday selling success. The first step is preparation, with the focus on making sure your staff is trained for the increased customer traffic. The need for increased levels of customer service has never been more critical to success than it is now. Be sure your employees understand that the customers are as frazzled as they are, so they’ve really got to go the extra mile. Busy shoppers will inevitably respond favorably to the extra attention, and that should make a positive contribution to the bottom line.

Another key to retail holiday cheer is inventory; it’s hard to sell something that isn’t in stock. Hopefully you would have anticipated the need for higher stock levels and made arrangements with your vendors in plenty of time for the holiday rush. The one thing you can do now is keep your staff up to date on what’s in stock in real time. This will assure happy customers as they’ll be getting what they want, and fewer stressed out employees since they’ll know the products they’ve sold are actually in the warehouse.

Staying on top of what’s selling (and how many) is also a vital element of a profitable holiday season. That’s why up to the minute sales reporting that lets you know exactly how you’re doing at any time is essential. The holiday season offers a totally unique set of challenges and Revel is here to lend a hand and help maximize profits. Revel’s iPad POS system can help with employee scheduling, inventory management and real time sales reports. With the ability to track gift card sales and redemptions, the system gives a great perspective on gift card revenue streams to make new customers happy and keep returning customers coming back to the store.