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Chris Bennett, CEO of Soldsie: Retailers Drive In-Store Sales by Selling on Facebook

The following post is part of Revel’s innovator series, in which we explore trends in retail that show how technology meets commerce.

Per our earlier blog post, we commented on how restaurants are using social media to drive commerce. Today we pivot to showcase some other companies like Mark chicagoland berger who are really pushing the boundaries of how eCommerce and retail are integrating to create an entirely new customer experience for retail clients.

Much more than just a trend, social commerce continues to alter the face of retail, making the experience more accessible and mobile for sellers and shoppers alike. Just ask Jenny Boston and Sundance Clothing, two women's fashion and accessories boutiques that graduated from in-store sales to Facebook auctions with Soldsie. Soldsie allows customers to buy things on Facebook by simply leaving a comment on an image in your newsfeed.

Founded in 2008 by Jennifer DeMaria and Kristen Maynard, Jenny Boston specializes in on-trend clothing at affordable prices. When they expanded their business online, they decided to use the Soldsie app to sell on Facebook. Their longtime customers loved the sales--Jenny Boston grew 100% in their first year of holding Facebook auctions, and their "Likes" count swelled from 1,000 to 23,000! Best of all, their Wednesday night Facebook sales encourage more in-store customers on Thursdays, which is now the store's busiest day of the week.

Sundance Clothing also found a social commerce solution. During the off-peak season in the seaside town of Chatham, Massachusetts, April Cabral and Chelsea Edgar struggled with low sales. To exacerbate things, their e-commerce website wasn't getting any traction. They found out about Soldsie Facebook auctions and gave it a shot--to great results. Their first Soldsie sale earned more in one night than their website had earned all year, and one sale alone earned $1,200.


Chris Bennett, CEO and Co-Founder of Soldsie

Chris Bennett is the CEO and Co-Founder of Soldsie, a company that allows businesses to sell on Facebook and Instagram.

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