Inventory Management for Bars

Working in hospitality is fast paced and thrilling; however, there is one part of managing a bar that most owners and employees do not look forward to—Inventory Management.

Infographic on Inventory Management for Bars Inventory Management for Bars Infographic

The profit margins on liquor are really high. Spillage and a house tab are usually standard deductions for any bar for a typical night of service. A typical dive bar can easily go through 10-20 bottles a night, not to mention beer, mixers, and garnishes. Typically once or twice a week, most bars have to count all inventory for the house, and cross reference this to purchase orders that came in. This may only take a team 1-2 hours, but it is a reoccurring task that doesn’t have to take so long.

Using a POS system like Revel, managers, and owners an approximate how much liquor they have gone through using our ingredient level inventory controls. As cocktails are sold, liquor levels are automatically deducted from your inventory. Not only will this save you time come the end of the week, but it can also give you awareness about how heavy your shot pours are, and if large quantities are not matching up. Owners can also access our analytics dashboard that will tell you which items are selling the most, and which ones are most profitable.

The Revel Bar Product is essential for anyone working in the hospitality industry. Please check it out here, or ask for a product demo. Click on the video below, for a quick visualization on inventory management for bars from the Revel Systems team.