New Feature! Customer Order Alert Screen

Revel Blog | Revel | August 27, 2013 |

Product Features

Newsflash, your order is ready. This new piece of hardware is what you have been literally waiting for. Waiting for an order at a quick service restaurant can often be a hectic and time consuming process for both parties involved. Customers are eagerly waiting to hear their order numbers called, while employees are trying to announce order numbers over a crowd of attendants. Revel Systems iPad POS is making strides to improve the customer-employee relationship with a new customer order alert screen.

Customer Order Alert Screen

Revel has integrated their POS with a large customer facing TV where a persons name will appear when their order is available for pickup.  With the visual display, customers won’t have to question whether they heard their name or not.  This new customer facing display helps make the food preparation process more efficient and looks nice in your establishment too.

Quick Service Restaurant employees will be just as pleased with the customer order alert screen as the customers they serve. Employees won’t have to continuously call out numbers while searching out patrons.  Less time worrying about whose order is up will free up time to focus on other tasks at hand. Owners will be happy knowing their employees will get more done in less time, while saving money with Revel’s eco-friendly display system.

With the customer order alert screen, you may never again have to hear someone yell, “Your order is ready!” All you have to do is look up.