Loyalty Programs: A Tangible Connection to Customers

On Tuesday Revel Systems announced its integrated loyalty program and gift card features at the RetailNOW conference and expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Revel also announced its partnership with LoyalTree, a mobile to point of sale consumer loyalty solution.

Gift cards and loyalty programs are an excellent way of building your customer base. Loyalty programs recall repeat customers, and they help cultivate a good client relationship. Gift cards help attract new customers, and have other economic benefits for the merchant as well. According to the National Retail Federation, “81.1 percent of shoppers [in the 2012 holiday season] will purchase at least one gift card and will spend an average of $156.86 on gift cards.”

Gift and loyalty programs can, however, add another level of complication to the point of sale process. How do you find the right reward program for your business? How can you make sure it operates seamlessly with your POS system? Integrated POS gift and loyalty programs enable you to take advantage of all the benefits without any of the hassle.

Integrated loyalty programs, as pointed out in the above-mentioned press release, are:  Customizable, convenient, and they give you choices.

While all three benefits play a major factor in running a business, having options is especially important--you do not want your loyalty and gift program--let alone your POS system--to limit you in terms of how you want your business to be. As Nathan Downs, VP of Operations at Coffee Bar, points out: “If I’m giving you a gift, I want to have something in my hand. I want to see the emotion when you take it out of my hand, and make that literal, physical, human connection.” Physical, tangible gift cards act as a bridge between the giver and the receiver, as well as between the consumer and the merchant.

Revel’s direct integration of gift and loyalty cards “is in alignment” with how Nathan wants these programs to work in terms of his business, and his vision. A rewards program should be in alignment with your business vision, and with your POS system.